Park Board

The Park Board is made up of nine members who reside within the city limits of Adrian. Each board member is appointed by the Mayor, with consent of the Board of Aldermen, for a 3 year term. The Park Board meets on the First Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM at City Hall. 


The current Park Board members and their terms are:

Mike Burris, President - 12/2025                              Matt Miller - 12/2023                                   

Kevin Dizney, Vice-President - 12/2025                   James Langley - 12/2023

Jonhenry Jackson, Treasurer - 12/2024                    Jessie Keister-Moles - 12/122024

Keri Lemon, Secretary - 12/2025                                Lance Loughridge - 12/2024

Scott Ford - 12/2023